Dental Crowding

Dental Crowding

We all want straight teeth, and dental crowding gets in the way of that goal for many of us! It’s not just an inconvenience for that reason, however. Crowding also makes it more difficult to keep up with your dental hygiene, which can cause cavities, and eventual decay if it is not treated properly. We can straighten your teeth with a number of different treatment options such as braces, Invisalign, or lingual braces. Come see us for a free consultation and ask which treatment option is best for you.


What is dental crowding?

Dental crowding is an orthodontic condition wherein the teeth are misaligned due to lack of space in the mouth. This results to improper teeth growth and maloclussion.

Is overcrowding concerning?

Yes. If left untreated, it can cause not only cosmetic concerns, but dental health related issues as well such as having a bad bite and the discomfort from the overall arrangement of your teeth.

What causes dental crowding?

There are various factors that cause dental crowding. On top of poor dental care, some of which also originates from habits formed during childhood such as thumb sucking and chewing of unnecessary objects. Having a cleft lip or palate can also contribute. Pushing your tongue against your teeth can cause overcrowding.

How are crowded teeth treated?

Crowded teeth can be treated through InvisAlign Clear Aligners and braces.  

What problems can overcrowded teeth cause?

Apart from a case of a bad bite and cosmetic problems, it can also lead to problems like tooth decay and gum disease because the crowded teeth makes it difficult to restore with fillings and crowns.