Herbst Class II Corrector

Herbst Class II Corrector

Growth modification appliances. Appliance used to stimulate lower jaw growth, time sensitive treatment, done before puberty 9-11 females, 10-12 males. Fix jaw and profile, win win situation for facial harmony and airway.


Does Herbst appliance change your face?

The Herbst appliance can change the shape of your face in a positive way as it creates a stronger and more defined  jawline feature for you.

Can your jaw move back after the Herbst appliance?

The Herbst appliance prevents your lower jaw from moving backwards.

What is a Herbst appliance?

A Herbst appliance is an orthodontic tool used for early puberty children and adults to promote alignment between your upper and lower jaws.

What food should be avoided with Herbst appliances?

Hard, crispy, sticky, and chewy foods with the like of bubble gums and hard candy. When eating fruits and vegetables, make sure that they are bite-sized.

How long do you have to wear a Herbs appliance?

It may range between 12-14 months.