Airway Treatment

Why Airway Treatment?

Airway treatment has a major impact on quality of life, mainly because of the way it impacts sleep. It may lead to sleep apnea, or other related health concerns, which is why Dr. Ammar makes it his personal responsibility to create a dialogue around this topic. At a young age, specifically when puberty starts to set in, there are ways we can correct and improve the airway orthodontically. By correcting the bite, we are able to open up the airway, which results in increased oxygen flow and higher quality of life. There are also ways to intervene with teens and adults, such as using certain appliances during sleep that move the lower jaw forward enough to create space in the airway to promote oxygen flow.


What is airway treatment?

It improves the flow of airway orthodontically as it has an major impact in our daily lives. If left untreated, it can lead to other health-related concerns such as sleep apnea. 

What is an artifical airway?

An artificial airway is used to assist patients who may encounter difficulty in ventilation and oxygen flow.

How do you treat the airway?

We treat the airway orthodontically. For instance, correcting one’s bad bite can improve the flow of airway due to increased oxygen flow. 

Why is the airway the first priority?

The airway affects a big chunk of the quality of our daily life, particularly while sleeping. It’s important to ensure that it is functioning properly especially while we’re unconscious. 

What is the first step in managing an airway?

It is important that patient is placed in a proper optimal position to ensure safety.